Marea Britanie: Romanii sunt invitati la o sesiune de informare


LOCATION:  Livingston Football Club, Alderstone Road,Livingston,EH54 7DN,United Kingdom,

DATE AND TIME; Wed 19 September 2018, 18:00 – 20:00 BST  

           Are you an EU citizen who wants to know what ‘Brexit’ means for you and your rights in the UK? Do you work with people and communities who might be affected by Brexit? Do you want to find more about what it means for citizens’ rights? Do you want information about the ‘Brexit’ talks? Come along to this free public consultation and awareness event.


   You can ask our panel of immigration lawyers and experts on Brexit what it will mean for the rights of EU citizens living here in the UK. Collect information from the European Commission and EU citizens’ rights groups. Come along and hear from our expert panel, and join in our question and answer session from 1800 to 2000

You don’t have to register in advance, but places are limited. We recommend you can make sure of a place by registering here on Eventbrite.


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